Machine Learning as a key enabler of next-generation industry

How is artificial intelligence perceived or understood by engineers, IT professionals and business people, and how fast are their organizations investing in it for enterprise use? That was one of the key areas we dug into with a survey last year, in which we asked respondents across a range of geographies, organization sizes and industries for their views on the AI opportunity.

Our survey focused particularly on respondents with an interest in manufacturing industry, and on the rapidly-maturing subset of AI known as machine learning, or ML.

That’s because ML-powered automation and assistance is now part of many digital transformation initiatives. And while the media and others mainly consider digital transformation in the context of offices and knowledge workers, it is also hugely relevant and important in manufacturing and other industries.

It may not always be recognized as such, but digital transformation is an essential part of the ongoing transition to what’s variously known as Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To read more about how enterprises plan to implement ML tools, download our report here.



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