Icon_IntelligentSystems Richard Edwards

Service Director & Distinguished Research Analyst

Richard Edwards joined us in 2017 from Ovum, bringing with him over 30 years’ experience of the IT industry. Richard’s primary focus is on the modern workplace, including the tools and technologies that enable organisations to adapt to new customer needs and expectations.

As an IT management consultant for Capgemini, Richard was always looking for the business value contained within IT products and solutions. This he continues to do today as one of the IT industry’s most experienced analysts.

Richard is equally at home with those setting the investment agenda and those trying to influence it. He understands the considerations and objectives of both parties, and balances his progressive views with practical knowledge and experience.

Richard initially trained as a civil engineer before moving into IT. He developed his technical and IT service management skills during the 90s which then took him into a technology consulting role. He’s a regular presenter at conferences and industry events worldwide, and his views and opinions are sought by mainstream news outlets and IT journalists.


Notable areas of expertise

  • Employee productivity, tools and applications
  • Enterprise communication and collaboration platforms
  • End-user computing environments and the modern workspace
  • Hybrid cloud models and architectures
  • Information security management and data loss prevention
  • Employee engagement and business technology adoption
  • Knowledge management and business innovation
  • Information analysis and data modelling
  • Public speaking, webinars, panel/roundtable facilitation, and media production
  • Client strategy workshops and product/service envisioning


Content by Richard

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