Icon_IntelligentSystems Laura Rose

Graphic Designer & Digital Engagement Manager

Laura is a creative professional. She is a digital native who grew up with technology then built on her natural talent through formal training in graphic design and digital marketing.

Since 2015, Laura has provided creative support to both the research team and directly to our clients. Most of the more visual and interactive content published recently on our website and blog has been brought to life by Laura’s designs. As a skilled and experienced user of Adobe CC tools as well as web publishing techniques, Laura has taken care of the company’s digital production process from end-to-end.

In 2019, Laura’s role was extended to oversee all of the company’s digital engagement activities. As part of this, she is now responsible for maximising our reach and level of interaction via our website, blog and social media channels. She also looks after our subscriber-base and has recently taken ownership of our newsletter publication process.

Laura is a key member of the Freeform Dynamics team, and her mix of talent, skills and experience is invaluable when working with clients digital marketing content and initiatives.


Notable areas of expertise

  • Graphic design
  • Digital content production
  • Marketing and communications
  • Digital engagement


Content by Laura

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