Turn GDPR compliance and ransomware defence to your advantage

Has your organisation considered updating and enhancing its data protection capabilities but postponed the decision, perhaps due to time and cost constraints, or because of more pressing business needs? If so, then now may be a good time to revisit that decision. Two major risk-related business imperatives – ransomware protection and GDPR compliance – have recently emerged and need to be properly addressed. At the same time, as data continues to accumulate and fragment, it’s becoming harder to keep track of what you have, let alone to manage it effectively.

You could approach these challenges in a reactive way, dealing with one requirement at a time in a piecemeal manner, through costly yet limited point solutions. Taking a more joined-up, proactive approach, however, using a modern data protection environment, could allow you to simultaneously deal with the risks, and generate incremental business value – even turning some threats into business opportunities.

This paper discusses how, with the right mindset and approach, GDPR compliance and ransomware protection can work as catalysts for positive change.

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