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Storing, accessing and unlocking the full potential of your data

As we store ever greater volumes of information, and as regulatory requirements evolve, the need for strong information management and governance is greater than ever.

At the same time, we want to get as much value as possible out of that stored information. Achieving that while maintaining good governance is one of the biggest challenges facing the modern business.

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Is the new protocol ready to take the storage world by storm?

Tony Lock

September 17, 2019


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Modern systems for modern software

Bryan Betts

August 30, 2019


Data Centre Evolution

Will HCI change how we design and build core IT systems?

Tony Lock

June 14, 2019


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A Business Perspective on Enterprise Storage in the Age of Flash and NVMe

Bryan Betts

April 24, 2019


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It’s time for a real change, not just iterative AFA evolution

Tony Lock

January 30, 2019


Moving to HANA

Key migration considerations for SAP HANA and S/4HANA

Team Freeform

August 14, 2018


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