NVMe – The State of Play

Is the new protocol ready to take the storage world by storm?

Tony Lock | September 2019

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Reboot your future

Shaping a new multi-cloud solution

Bryan Betts | August 2019

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Turning the tables on cloud service providers

Experienced customers are now calling the shots

Dale Vile | January 2020

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Our People

Bryan Betts | Principal Analyst

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where does the name ‘Freeform Dynamics’ come from?

The ‘Freeform’ part of the name reflects our philosophy of encouraging analysts to think and research freely across technology and business boundaries, which we see as key to providing properly-informed contextual advice in an increasingly complex world. The ‘Dynamics’ part of the name speaks to our philosophy of continually challenging and updating our analysis, views and opinions as things change in this fast-moving industry, rather than taking a position and defending it come-what-may.

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