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Optimizing the software supplier and customer relationship

Insights and lessons from the sharp-end

Dale Vile | January 2019

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The life sciences collaboration gap

Keeping up with evolving needs calls for a more joined up approach

Dale Vile | November 2018

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Tony Lock | Director of Engagement & Distinguished Analyst

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Q: What do your analysts look for in a vendor briefing?

Beyond the essentials of your offering, the analyst will be interested in who you are trying to help and in what circumstances (industries, company sizes, roles, scenarios, use cases, etc). This is because they know that success is often dependent on alignment between the supplier and customer view of the world, e.g. how they define the problem or opportunity. Beware that our point of reference here is what we hear directly from technology buyers, not the prevailing ‘industry narrative’ propagated by larger analyst firms (which is often different).

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