Jason Stamper, Principal Analyst

Call: Email: jason@freeformdynamics.com

Jason is extremely well-connected and respected within the CIO community. As a highly influential editor and journalist earlier in his career, he continuously tapped into the views and experiences of IT leaders in both large enterprises and SMBs. In line with this, he chaired CBR’s Dining Club events for several years, working with analyst firms such as Freeform Dynamics to drive frank and in-depth discussions on strategic technology issues with senior budget holders.

Over his 22 years plus career in IT, Jason has also met regularly with the most influential people in the technology industry. He has interviewed the CEOs of hundreds of technology companies, including the likes of IBM, Oracle, HP, EMC, SAP, SAS, Salesforce.com and Autonomy. His coverage as a journalist was always informed and forthright, and often unapologetically provoking and controversial.

Jason made his transition to the analyst world when he joined the 451 Group in 2013, where he covered data and analytics platforms, with an emphasis on IoT. He then joined Freeform Dynamics as Principal Analyst in January 2018 where he continues his work in these areas. In the Freeform Dynamics spirit of taking a more holistic approach to analysis, however, his remit has been extended to encompass a range of adjacent technology themes. Today his coverage includes operational databases, analytical databases, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence, digital transformation, in-memory computing, data streaming, data grids and NoSQL.

Apart from being extensively published and widely quoted, Jason is a highly sought-after speaker. He has spoken at over 250 events and recorded a string of video and audio interviews with senior executives. He has even provided public speaker training to Fortune 50 companies such as HP and IBM.

Notable areas of expertise:

• Operational databases
• Analytical databases
• In-memory computing
• Data streaming
• Data grids
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Machine Learning and AI
• Speaking and moderating

Watch this space for content from Jason as he gets into his new role.

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