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Dale Vile, CEO & Distinguished Analyst

Call: +44 (0) 7773 777995 Email: dale@freeformdynamics.com

Dale is a co-founder of Freeform Dynamics, and today runs the company. As part of this, he oversees the organisation’s industry coverage and research agenda, which tracks technology trends and developments, along with IT-related buying behaviour among mainstream enterprises, SMBs and public sector organisations.

In addition to his comprehensive insight into how the IT industry hangs together overall, Dale has a deep knowledge of IT-related decision-making. During his 30 year career, he has worked in enterprise IT delivery with companies such as Heineken and Glaxo, and has held sales, channel management and international market development roles within major IT vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Sybase and Nortel Networks. He even spent a couple of years managing an IT reseller business for Admiral Software.

Dale has been involved in IT industry research since the year 2000 and has a strong reputation for original thinking and alternative perspectives on the latest technology trends and developments. He is a widely published author of books, reports and articles, and is an authoritative and provocative speaker.

Notable areas of expertise:

• IT strategy, planning and investment
• IT governance, delivery and management
• Workforce and digital transformation
• Market and channel development
• Primary research design and analysis
• Influence and decision-making
• High impact writing and speaking

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Helen Vile, Operations Director

Call: +44 (0) 7773 777994 Email: helen@freeformdynamics.com

Helen is a co-founder of Freeform Dynamics and as Operations Director is responsible for general management of the business on a day to day level, which includes all commercial, financial and legal matters, as well as research operations and delivery. As part of this, Helen manages the core project delivery team, oversees our project portfolio, and is ultimately responsible for quality and client satisfaction.

In addition to her higher level responsibilities, Helen is a specialist in primary research execution, and directly manages critical market and account profiling projects used by our major clients for planning and business optimisation purposes. Trust, integrity and the highest standards of quality are paramount when providing this kind of input to Tier 1 IT vendors, and Freeform Dynamics’ strong reputation in this space is largely down to Helen’s influence.

In terms of experience and expertise, Helen has a strong background in business administration and customer services, as well as market research. She has been involved in IT industry research and analysis since 2003, and co-founded Freeform Dynamics in 2005.

Notable areas of expertise:

• Commercial and operational management
• Primary research design and execution
• Data analysis and interpretation
• Project management and delivery
• Customer and supplier relationship management
• Analytical and critical thinking

Tony Lock, Director of Engagement & Distinguished Analyst

Call: +44 (0) 7711 719113 Email: tony@freeformdynamics.com

Tony is an IT operations guru. As an ex-IT manager with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, his extensive vendor briefing agenda makes him one of the most well informed analysts in the industry, particularly on the diversity of solutions and approaches available to tackle key operational requirements. If you are a vendor talking about a new offering, be very careful about describing it to Tony as ‘unique’, because if it isn’t, he’ll probably know.

To keep everything balanced and grounded, Tony is intimately involved in Freeform Dynamics’ Community Research Programme, through which he stays in close touch with how needs are evolving within the IT and business community around IT service delivery. This includes all aspects of systems infrastructure and management, from desktop, through servers, storage and network, to mainframe, with particular attention paid to alternative delivery models – cloud computing, managed services, IT financing, etc.

From an advisory perspective, Tony’s comprehensive knowledge of the solution and best practice landscape makes him ideal for those who want help in understanding their options rather than having a canned set of recommendations thrust at them. His focus on core principles and his forthright but open-minded views on technology also make Tony one of the most sought after speakers in the industry for keynotes, roundtables, webinars, and so on.

Tony has a strong IT practitioner background, having held IT management positions at companies such as BP and BT, and has also worked on the vendor side of equation at Amdahl. He became an industry analyst in 2000, has been with Freeform Dynamics since 2007, and is currently based in Germany, but also spends significant time in London and other locations around the world.

Notable areas of expertise:

• IT delivery and operations
• Datacentre infrastructure and management
• Information management and protection
• Security, privacy and compliance strategy
• IT related strategy and decision-making
• High impact speaking

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Bryan Betts, Principal Analyst

Call: +44 7753 863242 Email: bryan@freeformdynamics.com

Bryan is a technology enthusiast and industry veteran. He has been analysing, explaining and writing about IT and business in a highly engaging manner for around three decades. His experience spans the early days of minicomputers and PC technology, through the emergence of cellular data and smart mobile devices, to the latest developments of the software-defined age in which we all live today. Over his career, Bryan has seen at first-hand how IT changes the world – and how the world changes IT – and he brings that extensive insight to his role as an industry analyst.

Bryan originally trained and worked as an electronics and production engineer, then moved into journalism and quickly found his place as an editor/analyst. He has written for daily, weekly and monthly publications, on paper and the web, and has appeared on TV and radio. His background also includes starting up The Register’s storage channel and co-writing Dataquest’s inaugural European Mobile Computing and European Data Storage Market reports.

Immediately prior to joining Freeform Dynamics in mid-2016, Bryan was operating as a freelance writer and commentator. Within the Freeform team, he now covers emerging trends and developments in IT infrastructure, information management and mobile technology, with a particularly keen eye on the role of open source platforms and tools.

Notable areas of expertise:

• Emerging storage, converged and hyper-converged architectures
• The evolving role of cloud computing in IT service delivery
• Effective use of open source in an enterprise IT environment
• Information management, security and governance
• Mobile technology, security and governance
• High impact writing

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Richard Edwards, Service Director & Distinguished Research Analyst

Call: +44 20 7509 6388 Email: richard@freeformdynamics.com

Richard joined Freeform Dynamics in April 2017 from Ovum, where he led the firm’s enterprise productivity and collaboration research agenda. With over 30 years’ experience of the IT industry, and a background in technology management consulting, Richard’s primary focus is on the tools, devices, applications, and services that knowledge workers and business professionals use to get work done.

Richard is a trusted adviser to business and IT decision makers, and a respected analyst to the ICT industry, offering each constituency the kind of independent and objective insight that comes from a deep understanding of the market and its dynamics. Richard’s research and analysis is aimed at business leaders trying to make a difference, IT executives trying to do more with less, and strategists trying to make sense of it all. A “plain speaker”, Richard also provides independent advice and actionable guidance to IT vendors, service providers, and system integrators.

The author of numerous in-depth reports, whitepapers, and research notes, Richard’s key strength is his ability to assess and evaluate the business value of ICT solutions, and to communicate his findings in a clear and unambiguous manner to business leaders, CIOs, and non-technical audiences. Richard is one of the most experienced IT research analysts in the industry, where he is constantly assessing the strengths and weaknesses of new products and solutions, and analysing the opportunities and threats facing vendors as they compete in a hyper-competitive market.

A regular presenter at conferences and industry events worldwide, Richard’s views and opinions are regularly sought by mainstream news outlets and IT journalists. In a career spanning more than three decades, Richard has worked in a variety of roles and across a range of industries. Initially trained as a civil engineer, Richard developed his technical and IT service management skills during the 90s before moving into consulting. Richard has been a research analyst for 13 years and lives in the UK.

Notable areas of expertise:

• Employee productivity, tools, and applications
• Enterprise communication and collaboration platforms
• End-user computing environments and the digital workspace
• Information security management and data loss prevention
• Employee engagement and business technology adoption
• Knowledge management and business innovation
• Information analysis and data modelling
• Public speaking, webinars, panel/roundtable facilitation, and media production
• Client strategy workshops and product/service envisioning

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Rajiv Sharma, Research Services Director

Call: +91 913 000 4505 Email: rajiv@freeformdynamics.com

Rajiv is a research veteran. With around two decades of experience designing and executing market studies on behalf of industry analyst firms, technology companies and other corporate clients, he is passionate about precision and quality. This makes him a perfect fit to work collaboratively with our industry analyst team to deliver the kind of rich, original and actionable primary research insights that our own clients have come to expect from Freeform Dynamics.

As Research Services Director, Rajiv is particularly responsible for continuing to develop and improve our overall portfolio of research offerings, and ensuring that we are always executing on a strong operational foundation. His role also involves working directly with key clients to tune into or help them shape their research needs, then follow through with effective engagements that yield tangible business value. His broad, streetwise knowledge of the whole research value chain puts him in a great position to advise on the most appropriate methodology and study design to use in any particular situation to drive maximum impact and ROI.

Prior to joining Freeform Dynamics, Rajiv was a VP at SG Analytics (SGA), an extremely well-respected market research agency that has worked as a partner to a range of clients over the years, including in the financial, technology and industry analyst sectors. Indeed, over his 10+ years with SGA, Rajiv had already collaborated closely with the Freeform Dynamics team on the fieldwork aspects of our research before deciding to join us in 2016. And all of this activity builds on Rajiv’s past experience gathered earlier in his career, not least during 7 years with another well-known research firm, Evalueserve.

Rajiv is based in India, though his responsibilities are worldwide.

Notable areas of expertise:

• Research requirements definition
• Primary research scoping and design
• Questionnaire design and optimisation
• Data collection (CATI, CAWI, Social, etc)
• Research quality assurance
• Data analysis and visualisation
• Strategic account management

Jack Vile, Graphic Design / Data Visualisation

Call: +44 7873 118045 Email: jack@freeformdynamics.com

Jack is the youngest member of the Freeform Dynamics team. Born in 1995, it is debatable whether he falls into the Generation-Y/Millennial or Generation-Z/Post-Millennial category. Either way, he is a definitely a ‘digital native’ that has never known a world without the internet or mobile phones. This gives Jack a unique perspective on the IT industry, which is invaluable when providing input into research design, interpretation and presentation.

In his role as a graphic designer and data visualisation specialist, Jack combines creative skills with a knowledge of IT research to ensure that Freeform Dynamics’ output is both appealing and engaging. Since joining the company, Jack has helped to transform the way the team thinks about communicating information and ideas more effectively, and our clients really appreciated this aspect of our output in today’s digital world.

During his education, Jack has majored heavily on a combination of technical and creative disciplines, and brings this powerful blend of skills to bear on his work at Freeform Dynamics.

Notable areas of expertise:

• Data analysis and visualisation
• Graphic design and web/desktop publishing
• Effective writing

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A big Freeform Dynamics welcome to Richard Edwards, who has just joined us as Service Director and Distinguished Research Analyst. Richard has over 30 years of IT industry experience and has worked as an analyst for 13 of those years. He will help us boost our coverage of the workforce empowerment and productivity space, and will also steer some of our key service innovation activities.  
Please see here, for more on Richard’s background, expertise and interests.