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A mainframe-based cloud service?

Channel focus: Yep, you heard right

Column/Blog Post published June 2014

Wake up, grandad: All the techies use social media

Collaboration is working

Column/Blog Post published June 2014

End User Computing:

A Management Perspective

Report/Paper published June 2014

How to simplify your IT with cloud apps

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered June 2014

Concerning Windows Phone and its relevance to the larger business

A key to broader workforce mobility?

Column/Blog Post published May 2014

Building an open cloud: Say no to silos

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered May 2014

Controlling Application Access

What you need to know

Report/Paper published May 2014

Is Windows-everywhere a serious option for the modern business?

Let’s get real

Column/Blog Post published March 2014

ADCs – Love them or hate them

Where do you stand on multi-function network appliances?

Inside Track published March 2014

Managing virtual servers is still an issue for many

Security and networking implications coming to the fore

Column/Blog Post published March 2014

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