Richard Edwards, Service Director & Distinguished Analyst

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Richard joined Freeform Dynamics in April 2017 from Ovum, where he led the firm’s enterprise productivity and collaboration research agenda. With over 30 years’ experience of the IT industry, and a background in technology management consulting, Richard’s primary focus is on the tools, devices, applications, and services that knowledge workers and business professionals use to get work done.

Richard is a trusted adviser to business and IT decision makers, and a respected analyst to the ICT industry, offering each constituency the kind of independent and objective insight that comes from a deep understanding of the market and its dynamics. Richard’s research and analysis is aimed at business leaders trying to make a difference, IT executives trying to do more with less, and strategists trying to make sense of it all. A “plain speaker”, Richard also provides independent advice and actionable guidance to IT vendors, service providers, and system integrators.

The author of numerous in-depth reports, whitepapers, and research notes, Richard’s key strength is his ability to assess and evaluate the business value of ICT solutions, and to communicate his findings in a clear and unambiguous manner to business leaders, CIOs, and non-technical audiences. Richard is one of the most experienced IT research analysts in the industry, where he is constantly assessing the strengths and weaknesses of new products and solutions, and analysing the opportunities and threats facing vendors as they compete in a hyper-competitive market.

A regular presenter at conferences and industry events worldwide, Richard’s views and opinions are regularly sought by mainstream news outlets and IT journalists. In a career spanning more than three decades, Richard has worked in a variety of roles and across a range of industries. Initially trained as a civil engineer, Richard developed his technical and IT service management skills during the 90s before moving into consulting. Richard has been a research analyst for 13 years and lives in the UK.

Notable areas of expertise:

• Employee productivity, tools, and applications
• Enterprise communication and collaboration platforms
• End-user computing environments and the digital workspace
• Information security management and data loss prevention
• Employee engagement and business technology adoption
• Knowledge management and business innovation
• Information analysis and data modelling
• Public speaking, webinars, panel/roundtable facilitation, and media production
• Client strategy workshops and product/service envisioning

Content published by Richard Edwards

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