21st century data protection: Get back up to date

Webcast with Tony Lock

Published/updated: December 2014

In this webcast discover how you create a new architecture for backup and recovery, how you choose the right technology, how you make a business case for a 21st century data protection strategy - and how you can finally free yourself from manual processes, failed backups, and the nagging suspicion (admit it) that some of your data isnít protected or backed up at all.


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A big Freeform Dynamics welcome to Richard Edwards, who has just joined us as Service Director and Distinguished Research Analyst. Richard has over 30 years of IT industry experience and has worked as an analyst for 13 of those years. He will help us boost our coverage of the workforce empowerment and productivity space, and will also steer some of our key service innovation activities.  
Please see here, for more on Richardís background, expertise and interests.