Freeform Dynamics Intelligence Unit (FDIU)

Finding it hard to choose between a market research agency and an industry analyst firm for your latest project?

Best of both worlds

Sometimes you want more than the typical market research agency has to offer. Their often limited subject matter knowledge means itís down to you to do most of the running when it comes to research design, analysis and interpretation. And if you canít contribute the necessary time and expertise, you can easily end up disappointed by output that misses the mark.

If this sounds familiar, then the Freeform Dynamics Intelligence Unit (FDIU) is for you. The FDIU provides a service that sits between a full analyst-led research engagement and the more generic lightweight agency approach. You retain full control over the market study, and the output reflects your voice (rather than the analystís), but you still benefit from Freeform Dynamicsí extensive industry insights and expertise.

The result is high-impact research findings that resonate with your customers, prospects, channel and/or the media Ė all clearly aligned with your brand, delivered painlessly and cost-effectively, and backed up by a well-recognised and respected research partner.

Services in most demand

The FDIU has global reach, is extremely versatile, and can design a custom research engagement to fit your specific needs. We have a number of packaged services, however, that we offer to meet frequently demanded requirements:

Market snapshot surveys
Ideal to support PR, social media or tactical marketing campaigns

In-depth market studies
To investigate or track customer needs, perceptions and activity

Channel research
To assess, track and optimise the effectiveness of your partner programs

For more information on the Freeform Dynamics Intelligence Unit, please contact our Director of Research Services, Rajiv Sharma, or give us a call on +44 1425 626501. We would be happy to discuss your requirement, or give you a general introduction to what the FDIU has to offer.

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