Areas of research coverage

Freeform Dynamics tracks industry trends, needs and adoption patterns in relation to 'IT imperatives' rather than technology categories. This reflects the principle that the same problem or opportunity can typically be addressed through any number of different approaches. Focusing on the imperatives means we are able to take a more objective, outcome-based approach to supporting IT and business decision-makers. We can better help them to crystallise requirements, consider options in context, and set the direction most likely to lead to success.

Our approach is also very powerful when it comes to assessing the role and potential of emerging ideas and technologies. Whatever the hot new development, we always consider it in relation to the following key imperatives:

Of course at any moment in time, our research includes coverage of the latest developments and industry discussions, so if you are looking for something on a topical idea or a specific hot solution area, just search for the relevant term.

Vendor briefing requests

If you are a vendor or service provider and would like to brief us on your activities, products or services, you can send a general request or contact the relevant individual analyst directly based on their current areas of focus.

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